I Do Not Like Navy Blue Shirts

First of all let me tell you, I have KonMari-ed the shit out of my clothes. Many, many trash bags full of clothing have left my house since the spring of 2015 when my minimalism journey began.

Right now I have my own version of a capsule wardrobe, (maybe another blog post on that later?) and as a general rule I keep only 7 t-shirts. On a recent closet inspection however, I noticed these guys hanging out.

Navy Blue Shirts
2 of my 7 t-shirts

These 2 shirts had made it into my “final seven” but I was still not wearing them. I was just cycling through my other 5 shirts. What was that about? And then I realized:

I do not like navy blue shirts.

For real. I hate them. I do not like how I look in them. I always wear dark blue jeans. Wearing a dark blue t-shirt gives me the ol’ shapeless blob effect, and really, no one wants that.

So how did these 2 shirts (that I do not wear) make it to my “final seven”?

  • Reason 1: Both shirts do actually fit well. I feel comfortable in them.
  • Reason 2: I do like the prints on both shirts. The one in the back has glitter letters. I love glitter. The one in the front has Pusheen eating ramen. I mean how cute is that?
  • Reason 3: Both shirts were gifts recently given to me by loving family members who know how much I love glitter & Pusheen.

However, those 3 wonderful reasons do not change the fact that I am not wearing the shirts. And so, into the donation bin they go. I envision them finding happy t-shirt lives with other lovers of glitter and Pusheen, who do not have aversions to navy blue shirts. Marie Kondo would be proud.


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