The “Good” Soap: A Lesson in Minimalism



The Good Soap


Last Christmas I received some “fancy” hand soap as a gift. You know the kind I mean. From the store in the mall that just sells smells in all their various forms: lotions, sprays, candles, etc.

I went downstairs to put the soap in my cabinet and noticed their were 2 additional bottles of fancy soap in there. Huh! I’d forgotten about them. As I perused the bottles I noticed one had an expiration date. (Really? Soap expires?) From 3 years ago. Ugh!

What am I doing? I am hoarding soap. “But it’s nice, fancy soap!” I tell myself. These soaps really are far too good for my daily use. These soaps must be saved for a special occasion. Maybe a party? Or perhaps visiting dignitary?

Lets be realistic.

  • How often do I have a party? Barely ever. I am an introvert living in a tiny house.
  • If I did have a party, would I remember to get out the fancy soap? Obviously not, its been in that cabinet for over 3 years.
  • If I did remember to get out the fancy soap for a party would it greatly improve the quality of said event? Um no. My friends do not give a shit what kind of soap I use. If they did they wouldn’t be my friends.

So what should I do?

I’m gonna use that fucking soap! I’m going to enjoy the shit out of that delicious smelling soap. All three bottles. I will not let those bottles sit around for “someday maybe” or “just in case”. I will not let those bottles continue to take up valuable space in my tiny home.

Just one more valuable lesson learned on my minimalism journey.


One thought on “The “Good” Soap: A Lesson in Minimalism

  1. I learned this lesson years ago – about shampoo, of all things. Look at the variety of shampoos for sale. It’s completely ridiculous. For years now i have bought and used Pears soap in bars, for my face, body and hair, and Ivory bar soap for cleaning my paint brushes. So simple, frugal and effective. G


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